Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal – Week Seven

In order for me to decide on which concept to go with for my research paper I have compiled all of my ideas from the past few weeks to showcase and explain my thoughts behind them: All of these ideas have images related on the individual blog posts.

The order of the dimensions are based off of the visits to the museum, this will be going from Three Dimensions, Two Dimensions, One Dimension and finally Four Dimensions.

Starting with Three Dimensions:

The first dimension is emotion and how the product makes you feel/relate through memory.

The second dimension is the material that is used and how it allows for the person to feel a connection to the design.

The third dimension is the thought and experience that you feel whilst you look at the design, this is not literal but phenomenal.

Two Dimensions:

The second concept that I thought of was purpose of necessity of design and this came from walking through the natural history exhibition where I came across hundreds of different species that needed to evolve in order to carry on their species. The concept was to define two dimensions by necessity and potential development (I am finding it difficult to phrase) – So! Necessity in terms of WHY this species(design) is here, WHAT purpose does this species(design) have? and Potential Development, HOW can this species(design) evolve to survive with the ever-changing world (society, technologies).

One Dimension:

This concept is based around ‘Form’ and how it is the first noticeable aspect of any design –

Four Dimensions:

I think that sticking with the original three dimensions I chose (emotion, material and form) as I plan on including either purpose or necessity would be a good idea as I can reference them with relative ease.

As I begin to write my research paper I have decided that I am going to be descending from the fourth dimension, I plan on talking about each of the four dimensions in detail as I reference the text I have collected over the past few weeks – After I have discussed my dimension concepts I will begin to link them with my Product Design projects and future explorations into my field.