Week Nine – Defuturing

‘Brief: The brief is for a design proposal based on solid research.
Dig deep: don’t just pick recycling beer cans. The aim is to be the only person in the room who has your idea!

Deliverables on Friday you must deliver:
1). A 3-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint (only). Your presentation should be no more than two minutes long and should contain the following information:
Slide 1: An emerging, forecasted, or well-established technological development that might enable better sustain-ability.
Slide 2: A contemporary defuturing culprit
Slide 3: YOUR redirective design for how (1) might address (2).’

This weeks project was very interesting as I wasn’t too sure how to approach this brief at the beginning – to start off we were given information as to what defuturing was and how almost everything designed negatively effects the world and in turn creates a cycle, this made me take a step back and think about what was being said – how I could possibly design something that could kill someone or possibly damage the world in one way or another.

After I was given the information I spent some time thinking about problems that the world faces in this moment of time, pollution, global warming, famine, water sanitation just to name a few – I finally decided to look into water shortages and after having a conversation with Theo about my idea I began the research.

The Slides that I presented on Friday + Document (Below)


I think this weeks presentation went okay, I spoke about the problem, the culprit and my solution – I feel I could have presented it better as Stephen questioned what the problem was. Overall I found this week very insightful and interesting as I am now aware of how serious some things created can be and the repercussions that occur whether its material based or design based.