Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal – Week Four

Last Weeks visit to the Museum:

Define three dimensions without looking at what the internet or the ‘true’ definition was.

This weeks visit was very similar in that we were asked to now define two dimensions, we were also given another two pages of text that we would need to link in with our thoughts.

For this weeks visit I wanted to try to define two dimensions in a completely different way from what I had done last week, after adventuring around the museum I wrote down a few paintings and sculptures that interested me and I thought I could link within my essay. I wanted to go down the path of messages/feelings or emotion within the artwork that could resonate with an individual.

Although I think this concept had a little potential I wasn’t truly set on the idea if I am honest.

The second concept that I thought of was purpose of necessity of design and this came from walking through the natural history exhibition where I came across hundreds of different species that needed to evolve in order to carry on their species. The concept was to define two dimensions by necessity and potential development (I am finding it difficult to phrase) – So! Necessity in terms of WHY this species(design) is here, WHAT purpose does this species(design) have? and Potential Development, HOW can this species(design) evolve to survive with the ever-changing world (society, technologies).

I have been trying my utmost to think of a new concept for dimension where I am able to link this to my work as a product design student but I find it hard to put my ideas into words.

I hope the second concept is easy enough to understand or imagine, I think that with a little development and brainstorming I’ll be able to simplify my concepts for when I write my essay in the next few weeks.