Week Seven – Mobile 2050

I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks project and I feel that I have developed my drawing skills tremendously in such a short space of time, I nailed a drawing of the Eiffel Tower in just 5 seconds which was pretty cool! The week began with Dr. Stephen Thompson talking with the group about the weeks brief with a little background overview of himself. So let’s get to the brief!

The Brief:  ‘Predicting the future is a real design activity. So…
It is 2015 and you work for a futurology agency. You are being asked to research and design how the mobile phone will be in the year 2050. You are doing this for a client – a tech. company – an investment house – a chip manufacturer – an urban design agency….someone who needs to take a guess at the world of 35 years time.’

For this project we had the opportunity of working in groups so I took full advantage of this, joining a group with Sam Aubrey (Throwback to the ‘Come Out and Play’ project) and Ed Pecherek. I think that we had worked well together on this project, communication was excellent and we were able to get a good idea within the first day, this made things a lot easier for the following days as we were from there on just developing the concept.

In between the main project of the week we had a drawing tutorial with Stephen where he helped us develop how we draw the initial designs of a product, whilst being timed we were told to design mobile phone concepts in their simplest forms – I absolutely loved this exercise as I feel like I am moving into the realm of conceptual design as I develop more into product designer.



(Above) Mobile Concept Designs that were drawn up during Tuesdays activity.

I was really pleased with how our four pages turned out, I thought they were very informative with the designs being very clear and simplistic.


(Above) The four pages that were presented on Friday.

The Project Document:


Overall I think that this weeks project has helped me further my development in many areas, I have started to use CAD with some designs and early concepts of this weeks project,  I feel that I will gradually improve as time goes on where CAD is needed. At the presentation I noticed that only a handful of groups designed their mobile phones without insanely futuristic ideas and I guess that’s what I should have expected with this project, After our group had presented Stephen commented on our design and the argument that was being made and seemed to like that we had a solid explanation.

I feel that this week has shown me my strengths and weaknesses, I do not enjoy presenting in front of groups as I lack in confidence but I feel I would work best in the background which would allow for the people with presentation skills to thrive and in turn make the project more deliverable. I feel like my sketching abilities have improved but I need to try to think of more conceptual designs and being more adventurous with the idea that I or my group conceptualise.