The Ugly Duckling



This weeks project was very interesting and intense at times. We began the week with a little exercise that involved everyone choosing a piece of technology that seemed about 10-15 years old and then drawing those products with accurate detailing – I found this rather interesting because of the product that I chose, a very old Samsung DVD remote control. The most difficult part of the first day was when we were asked to make a replica of the product we chose, this replica needed to be very accurate – This was difficult because the remote was rather small and I found making it to be very tedious and with a deadline of one and a half hours, well that did not help.

After some small lectures and conversations with Gareth we were let loose to do our own thing with the project, the brief was as follows:

The Brief: ‘Simply re-design an electronic or digital product without using:

Push-Buttons, Touch-Screens, Voice-Activation, Pressure-Pads.’

I began by thinking about different ways something could be controlled, after some thought I came across the old Ship Engine Telegraphs which I thought were really interesting and kind of awesome – I really wanted to incorporate that aspect of design into my remote control and I knew of the right place to introduce it. After making two mood boards with a collection of inspirational imagery that I could look upon I began sketching my initial concepts, I came up with five designs where I ended up rendering the three that I liked the most – out of those three I chose my favourite and then went on to develop my designs.

As I developed my designs I found myself doing further away from any of the key features that existed in the original product, I found this quite worrying but necessary – Once I had finished developing I began making my product, right off the bat I found things would not work out for the design but as time was going on I didn’t want to change my design as I knew it was too late – I continued with the making of the remote and finished after around 5-6 hours in the workshop (which I  wouldn’t recommend).

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy with my finished product but I knew that it was essential that I finish my work for the week. I think I did a decent job with the illustration and presentation board, I was content with the drawings that I produced at such short notice (a lot of practise is needed to get my digital rendering up to par). Overall this week was a learning curve in what I originally thought product design was, Due to many of my peers not understanding my concept even with the help of illustrations, I know that I must improve my work by simplifying my designs and illustrations so the majority can understand it clearly – I feel like I have a lot of improving to do with my drawing and rendering skills.

The Project Document: