The Image World

I found this weeks keynotes lecture quite interesting, Jonathon Clarkson began the lecture talking about how images behave and how the image that we see is in fact a copy or a photograph of the actual object which I was quite curious about – I couldn’t really find a common narrative between this weeks keynotes lecture and Product design (I am 80% sure there probably is one but I just couldn’t link the two together).

As the time went on we explored how an image file isn’t actually an image at all but text, Jonathon explained how artwork in the 21st Century is based upon religious pilgrimage, thousands if not millions of people flocking to see a piece of art that is seen as some holy grail of some sort – I agreed with this notion, I believe that art can be very beautiful and It probably can change some individuals lives but It seems very absurd that a piece of art is kept behind bulletproof glass, surrounded by a barrier to keep the flocking people quite far away.

Overall I found this weeks lecture quite baffling, I feel it may take me some time to come up with a link to my subject but I have not and will not give up until I do so.