Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are



(Above is an image of the product concept)

This week we were introduced to Olivia Kotsifa and the new project that was going to be running, during the introduction Olivia told us that we would be making a video that would then be shown on the Friday where we usually present our finished ‘piece’ from each week – I was a little hesitant over making a video because I wasn’t sure what it had to do with the course but after thinking for a while I realized it was just another way of presenting work and I was pretty excited about not standing in front of my peers again.

For this project we were able to work individually or in pairs, I decided that working in pairs would allow me to experience a new challenge of working with another person and trying to work together by making a good final product and video. I had paired up with Sam Aubrey and found it interesting how we had such different ideas but managed to work relativity well once an idea had been chosen.

I think this week helped me in developing how I think about different target markets dependant on the product, with this project being based around the ages of young children I found it challenging trying to think of a piece of technology that would benefit those specific age groups but after discussing in pairs it became easier to throw idea’s around and build on them with some developments that I wouldn’t have thought about.

Overall I think this weeks project helped a lot with my development so far, I have begun to feel confident in my abilities more as each projects goes on, Although I still feel I have a lot to learn – I am developing well with digital rendering but I still struggle with marker rendering due to inconsistency and I am beginning to question/think about how important/crippling that would be for my future if I just worked digitally – these questions and theories will be answered in the coming weeks after future projects I am sure.