Aesthetically Aesthetic

I found this weeks project very satisfying for the inner artist in me, this project allowed me to think like I had back in art class and produce something that I found beautiful.

The Brief:

  • Produce a human-scale artefact that is ‘just beautiful’ on its own terms.’

I started this week with one idea that I thought was pretty unique and good for the most part, My idea was to make a brain that was mid-transformation into a diamond shape using the 3-D Printers available on campus but after trying to think about how I would go about making the piece I had hit a dead-end. I came to the realization that learning the software to use the printers in a week was very unrealistic so I changed my idea immediately.

The idea that I ended up going with included one piece that showed off different aspects of design that I find beautiful. I began by sketching some designs so I could get an idea of what shape I would be making, I then started to think about the material I wanted to use so I could showcase the different aspects of design and I quickly decided on using a hardwood but after looking online for different suppliers I was having a difficult time looking for somewhere that sold pieces at the dimensions I required for this project, I finally ended up buying a piece of redwood timber that measured eight feet in length out of sheer desperation.

Overall I was happy with this weeks project, I felt free to do what felt natural to me coming from a more artistic background with the subjects I had been taking in high school – I think the final ‘product’ came out pretty good but I feel that given more time with the project I could have had a better finish and implemented more into the piece, after the presentation with Theo and looking at what others on my course had created I feel like I have grasped how endless creativity can go with Product Design and I look forward to the future projects where I will learn about design in other aspects also.

The Project Outcome: