When Is A Nerd Not A Nerd?…..When He’s A Geek

I wasn’t too sure what to make of my first keynotes lecture, At the beginning I thought “What does this have to do with Product Design” but as Dr Ashley Morgan continued to speak about masculinity I began to link this with mainstream products that I see all the time and especially in toy shops where female toys are usually pink and male toys are almost always blue or military themed.

During the lecture I began to understand what Dr Morgan was saying and I had to agree with her on some points, of course I started off trying to defend masculinity in my head because I guess that is a trigger reaction whenever someone is trying to question a part of you, I found that I was able to think in a different way and experience a new thought process on masculinity throughout different points in time and how they were portrayed compared now with our current go to figure of masculinity.

Overall I found my first keynotes lecture to be very interesting and informative, towards the end of the lecture I was able to connect the information to my subject (Product Design) which allowed me to think about future designs and how I can make them gender neutral with relative ease, I feel like I also learnt a lot about how I portray masculinity and I was able to put myself in a category that society seems to like doing.