Week Three – Transbranding and Brand-Bending

I found this week to be very enjoyable and hands on, I feel that spending time in the workshop making prototypes allowed for a new challenge. Our brief was to design a product in the style of another brand that would not make such products, I was excited to begin this project because of the endless possibilities that could arise from different ideas.

After looking at some mainstream brands I decided that it would quite interesting to look into more luxurious brands that advertise to the wealthy and this is where I chose to use Rolls Royce as my brand, I really liked the 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom and I knew that the characteristics of the brand and could be implemented into other products with relative ease.

Overall I found this weeks project to be extremely helpful in my development, I became more comfortable with making prototypes as the week went on and I tested myself with rendering techniques which also helped. I was satisfied with my final prototype and during the presentation some of my peers seemed to recognize the brands characteristics with ease which was a relief.

The Project Document:






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