Critically Designed.

Before this week began and I received the brief I was excited for the project and what I would be learning throughout the week, Afterwards though I was very confused with what I needed to do and I had thought that the few ideas I had thought of were not critical designs at all.

The Brief:

Design an artefact that embodies and materializes the discourse surrounding a phenomena of contemporary culture.

  1. Identify a phenomenon of contemporary culture, and examine it as thoroughly as you can. 
  2. Embody the discourse surrounding that phenomenon into a designed thing.

The first idea I had been a phone system that connected directly to the local police station and would notify the owner of any phone calls that had been made naming the address for a potential bomb threat or something as serious, once I had spoken to Theo he had explained that the idea was too affirmative and I agreed. Another idea had been a hair dye that could change colour and it would allow for people who wanted variety the ease of not dying it every time, I had pitched the idea to Theo and he questioned what the criticality of the concept was and I could not give him a straight answer, after some time Theo suggested I take a look into pollution and how the hair products could be used with colour detecting the levels of pollution around the world.

After the conversation I felt like I knew what i was doing and I understood clearly what the meaning of critical design was. Once I had begun the Powerpoint presentation I found the project was going fairly smoothly without any major problems, I was confident in my presentation skills that I had been developing throughout high school and I knew that what information i needed would be on the slides.

On the Friday we began presenting the work that everyone had spent the week working on, I was not looking forward to it as I do not like talking in front of large groups of people, I know that this is one area that needs major improvement and I am looking forward to pushing myself in future projects. After each person had presented their work Theo spoke about the concept with his thoughts and queries, after my presentation Theo made some points on my presenting skills and he seemed to like how I had presented the information and also included references for people to research in their own time.

Overall I have learnt so much throughout this weeks project, I have become more aware of the different types of design available to me and I feel like I have identified what type of designer I wish to be in the future.

The Project Document:

Critical Design Fictions