Draw Your Weapon!

On the first day of week one we were given the task of drawing three objects, a match box, a metal sharpener and a plug. I began the task feeling confident in my drawing abilities thinking that I would find this week to be rather easy.

After the group had finished drawing the three objects we were given a booklet full of different activities to complete throughout the week, the first activity was titled ‘Line Quality’ and I was required to use a 0.1 fine liner to continuously draw horizontal lines, vertical lines and diagonal lines without moving the paper to an angle that would make things easier, I found this first activity to be extremely difficult and infuriating because I could not seem to draw a perfect line at all but as I practised it became a little easier.

Throughout the activities I felt like I was improving and learning more and more each day, especially with the perspective drawings and rendering days where Richard gave one on one sessions with individuals who wanted or needed a little more help with understanding how to render correctly and to a high standard. As the week come to an end I had a 30 page folder of my work which showed the gradual improvement of my drawing skills that had developed dramatically throughout the week and I am extremely pleased with how I have developed, I now know that this project was very important for my development as a first year product design student and for future projects which will involve me producing designs in a realistic manner that have been rendered to a high standard.

Below are the marker renderings that were completed during this week: