Why Hover?

During the first week at university we were set the task of using a limited range of materials to make both hover crafts and M.L.R.Ms.

The Brief:

Using the materials provided you are required to build:

  1. An Experimental Hover Craft, this will allow you to gain an understanding of the science underpinning the theory of friction less movement, and the principal of hovering. Use the instruction sheet as a starting point to help guide you through the build process.
  2. A fast, streamlined dragster (M.L.R.M.), you must decide on the way you connect the motor to the chassis, but the power from the power from the motor needs to be constant and efficient.
  3. Document and make the changes you need to ensure both vehicles work as efficiently as possible. You will need to consider how you swap the motor/s and battery pack between the two vehicles. You are encouraged to change the design, share your thoughts and final designs with your new colleagues and friends. Consider your findings and record these in your design journals.

I found it very difficult getting the hover craft I had made to work, I realized quickly that the weight of the battery pack was restricting the crafts movement. I did manage to get my second craft to move a little bit but overall that project was unsuccessful to say the least.
I turned my attention to the M.L.R.M. which I found more exciting because it was pretty simple to build once I had figured out how to get the wheels to move using the motor, I created the body using a chip tray which had been cut into shape. After speaking to a few some of the people on my course we had helped each other with small problems and given ideas to possible designs for the car.

We were set the task of working in groups of three to build either another Hover Craft or another M.L.R.M and the group that I was a part of decided on the car, I found it interesting working in groups with people who I did not know very well but we got along just fine. The car that we had made worked great and on the Friday we raced against the others groups that had also made cars which was entertaining and allowed for great communication between individuals.

Overall I found the induction week to be very informative and entertaining, I had learnt a few things that I wasn’t aware I needed to know and for that I am very pleased.